Other Specialties

We custom make attire for any type of event. Contact us with your ideas and we will bring your suit to life.


Body Building

Stage & Street has been involved with the Fitness Industry for many years. Your custom designed suit is made to fit and compliment your physique.


Men’s and Ladies performance outfits are carefully designed for you. Waltz, Latin, and Jive are all fun to dance and even made better in a custom made ensemble.


Team or individual, Stage & Street is aware to the needs of these performers. Detail of cut and fabric choice help to compliment your performance.

Belly Dancing

This new, but ancient form of dance is growing in its appeal to young and old as a wonderful form of exercise and social interaction. Class wear to performance garments can be custom made for you.


From Purist to casual, these social events are growing in popularity. Stage & Street is pleased to work with you to create your event attire.

Our Process

How the magic happens… This process may be done over the phone or via email.

  1. Discuss the requirements, occasion, function, budget, colour and textile
  2. Begin design sketches
  3. Approval, deposit, measurements
  4. Construction
  5. Fitting (will require a visit to the store or to your location)
  6. Finishing
  7. Pick up or delivery

Individual Contract



Individual Contract