Custom Design

Dance, theatre, screen, bridal and special occasion, skating, body building, synchronized swimming, Cos-play, belly dancing, ballroom dancing… We create for children, adults, beginners, professionals, men, and women.


Evelyn Davie (owner/operator) designs for individuals as well as groups. With her years of experience, she is a professional and skilled designer. Whether from haute couture to small accessories, all areas are covered and expertly crafted.

A great deal of studying and research has been done to provide customers with quality products. Evelyn’s understanding of textiles, line, design, purpose and construction provide her with a truly unique and one of a kind skill set.

The staff at Stage & Street work as a team, under Evelyn’s guidance, to meet the needs of each client. All staff members sew but also have their own area of specialty. All staff members are familiar with all departments in store.

Our Process

How the magic happens… This process may be done over the phone or via email.

  1. Discuss the requirements, occasion, function, budget, colour and textile
  2. Begin design sketches
  3. Approval, deposit, measurements
  4. Construction
  5. Fitting (will require a visit to the store or to your location)
  6. Finishing
  7. Pick up or delivery

Group Contract


Individual Contract